Coating By Industry

PTFE coatings have now established themselves as one of the primary solutions to some of the most demanding engineering practices. Whether the solution required is at the forefront of automotive technology, such as Formula One, or at the vanguard of our national defence within the aerospace technology, PTFE coatings have a role to play. The latest generation of PTFE coating, both Teflon® and Xylan® materials, offer qualities that can be utilised by design engineers to enhance product performance and provide added value within projects. 

PTFE coatings are by design a performance product and the industrial coatings offered today have a long and well established pedigree and a proven track record. Heavy industry have benefited from the load bearing capabilities of Xylan® coatings, when dealing with Roll-Up operations or for Crawler Cranes in heavy construction projects. Off-Shore installations have employed many coatings for corrosion protection and precision torque loading, on the platforms and sub-sea. Environmental projects, such as Wind Generators have made use of Teflon® coatings to enhance bearing performances and for the provision of environmental protection against the elements. 

Food processing organisations have taken on board PTFE coatings in conjunction with high performance packaging to provide optimum release properties within line production facilities. Product release is enhanced by means of PTFE coatings, giving confectionary producers the precise product shape and form and the desired product quality demanded by consumers. Pharmaceuticals take advantage of the chemical barrier properties associated with performance coatings, as well as in the formulation of products. Science technologies have also taken advantage of the performance criteria of PTFE coatings, at CERN, the equipment associated with the Large Hadron Collider has optimised performances by the application of PTFE coatings. 

Take a look at some specific industry sectors in the additional pages to gain a better picture of the advantages on offer with PTFE industrial performance coatings.