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  • 18th September 2013

    A Coating for all Seasons

    A Coating for All Seasons 

    Teflon® and Xylan® coatings, are coatings that are designed to perform specific functions and are system that are created for optimum results, particularly for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. In the case of offshore environments that create harsh conditions, PTFE coatings have been formulated to offer the design engineer the best surface protection options, without compromise. Teflon® and Xylan® offer a practical and cost effective solution for the protection of high performance engineering technology in the area of heavy duty marine and industrial fields. 

    Items such as Stud-bolts, Nuts and Fasteners are all high integrity components that benefit from the protection against the aggressive conditions experienced off-shore. PTFE coatings are applied without the loss of integrity of the geometry of the engineered part and can be recoated with precision. 

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