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  • 11th September 2018

    Customer Product Selection

    PTFE Applied Coatings’ experience is well established and the demand for Teflon and Xylan coatings remains strong. The family of PTFE coatings, to which the brand names of Teflon and Xylan are synonymous, provide the backdrop for engineering solutions that are wide ranging.

    Some customers specify the particular Teflon or Xylan coating required, this knowledge comes from demands from the end user, as well as previous working knowledge of coatings. Many food processors have a broad base working experience and have the need for the latest coating technologies to optimise production yields.

    Packaging industries have unique requirements, this can range from wear resistant, preventing ink carry over and release. The appropriate selection of a Teflon or Xylan coating can enhance production rates and reduce machine downtimes. With the advances of the latest generations of adhesives, as well as paper and specialised films, all of which prove challenging to the family of PTFE coatings. However, with the experience gained through many years, PTFE Applied Coatings are very well positioned to evaluate and meet the customer requirements.

    Aerospace and Defence designers creating specifications remain the most discerning, alongside the Formula One engineers. Such high-profile demands are very well serviced by PTFE Applied Coatings, whether the requirement is for an air bearing for a fuel pump, or structures that require high release properties to prevent product sticking, which could result in the loss of tenths of a second on lap times. Electrical resistant coatings are also in demand, Teflon and Xylan coating play an important role with electrical circuits and electrical harness looms that rely on the secure signal transmission within any equipment management system.

    Pharmaceutical and Medical applications are many and varied, with stringent demands for patient safety upper most in the minds of product developers. The range of Teflon and Xylan coatings can accommodate such demands and can be accompanied by product specific statements. However, it must be noted that there is a duty of care by the end user to ensure all risk assessments have been established in the most demanding of applications.

    The automotive industry has its own unique demands, if for no other reason than for volume. Teflon and Xylan coatings have established a firm foothold within the industry, whether this is for wiper blades, door seals, seat mechanisms or corrosion resistance on fasteners and much more.

    The range of available coatings have been enhanced by new coatings from Chemours, designed for non-metallic coatings. Designed for durability and chemical resistance, combined with dry lubricant properties, low coefficient and good abrasion resistance/scratch resistant.


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