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  • 27th March 2018

    Flexible Finishes

    Coatings for rubber and elastomeric substrates continue to challenge the manufacturers of industrial coatings. However, there are a number of coatings now commercially available on the market that can enhance and improve the performance of engineered polymers.

    Coating developments for flexible substrates provide low cure temperature options for a wide range of products, from O Rings, Seals to Gaskets, all benefitting from the new generation of flexible coatings.

    Key performance elements are achieved, giving engineers opportunities to expand product performance. These elements include:

    • Dry Lubrication

    • High Flexibility

    • Adhesion

    • Anti-Noise

    • Low Cure

    • Abrasion Resistance

    High flexibility can be achieved on a range of substrates, these include:

    • EPDM

    • MBR

    • NR

    • ABS

    • PU

    • PVC

    The acceptance of Teflon and Xylan coatings within the industrial market has grown constantly over the years, ensuring their place as a solution to many problems experienced by polymer engineers. Problems that have persisted with polymers include noise, cold sticking, release and even attack by chemicals. Solutions can now be found within the range of flexible coatings to mitigate such issues.

    Adhesion of coatings to polymers have created coating failures in the past, but with the new generation of flexible coatings, the need for high value surface preparation has been eliminated. Coatings can now be applied in some cases by single pack coating systems. Two pack systems are also available where required, together with spray applied primers. 

    Applications for Teflon and Xylan flexible finishes include: 

    • Automotive Engines

    • Filtration Systems

    • Water Heaters

    • Heat Exchangers

    • Water Softeners

    • Sealing Devices

    • O Rings 

    Teflon and Xylan applied coatings carry many benefits, with some applications, there are often health and safety issues with the use of many oil lubricants, as well as environmental concerns on disposal of oil residue, oil-soaked rags, etc. Using oil lubricants also runs the risk of fouling up automatic installation-machine lines, leading to higher maintenance and downtime costs. All such issues are dealt with the developed range of flexible coatings. 

    There are few problems with polymers that cannot be resolved by the application of Teflon and Xylan flexible coatings, but to achieve such results, samples and trials may be required to maximise the benefits to engineered polymers and finalise the optimum system. 

    Organisations that have benefitted from the application of Teflon and Xylan flexible coatings include: 

    Mercedes AMG

    Mercedes F1




    Williams F1


    Pyser Optics



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