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  • 20th July 2018

    PTFE Applied Coatings ISO 9001 2015

    PTFE Applied Coatings have extended its Quality Management System (QMS) by securing accreditation to the new ISO 9001 2015 standard. Everyone involved in PTFE Applied Coatings have contributed, in their own individual way, to ensure the continued success and transition to the revised and improved standard.

    The latest edition of ISO 9001 is the flagship quality management system and has been achieved over three years of extensive revision work by experts from nearly 95 participating and observing countries to bring the ISO 9001 standard up to date to meet he modern needs.

    PTFE Applied Coatings continue to demonstrate to customers that they can offer the services and product range of Teflon and Xylan coatings at a consistently high standard and quality. Together with the new ISO 9001 2015 standard and the commitment of all at PTFE Applied Coatings, acts as a tool to streamline our processes and make them more efficient, providing benefits to all our existing and new customers.

    The QMS of PTFE Applied Coatings is now less prescriptive, focussing more on performance, by combining the process approach with an increased “risk based thinking”. This will permit our organisation to adapt to a changing world and enhances our ability to satisfy its customers and provide a coherent foundation for growth and sustained success.

    Understanding the needs of customers is at the heart of PTFE Applied Coatings and that is why we understand that organisations have a number of management standards in place. With the new ISO 9001 standard, this can easily be integrated with other management systems and provides a solid base for sector-quality standards, such as automotive, aerospace, medical industries along with many others, taking into account the needs of regulators. 


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