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  • 28th February 2017

    PTFE Coating – Teflon / Xylan – Chemical Processing Industry

    PTFE Coating – Teflon / Xylan – Chemical Processing Industry 

    Teflon industrial coatings have become an indispensable material for modern engineers operating in the harsh confines of the chemical process industry. Thanks to these unique properties: 

    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Low permeation
    • High temperature resistance
    • High corrosion resistance 

    Teflon fluoropolymer coatings are essentially chemically inert, with a temperature resistance range of -270°C to +290°C, with only very few chemicals known to react with Teflon. The rate of absorption in Teflon industrial coatings are unusually low and a chemical reaction between Teflon and other substances is a rarity. 

    The Teflon product commonly used with the chemical processing industry is PFA (Perfluoroalcoxy).This material provides superior creep resistance at high temperatures, excellent low temperature toughness, together with exceptional flame resistance. Teflon PFA coatings are applied by means of the electrostatic process in the form of a powder deposition. Fully fluorinated polymers are unique and without equal. No other fluoropolymer can have their level of special molecular end groups that enhance purity, due to the patented manufacturing process developed by Chemours. 

    Engineers have found many uses for Teflon coatings, everyday new applications have been developed taking full advantage of the unique properties of Teflon PFA products. The coatings can be applied to substrates that can withstand the in-process temperature of 385°C, substrates from Aluminium through to the exotic alloys such as Inconel, copper can also be coated with Teflon industrial coatings. 

    The performance of Teflon coatings is varied and can suit many applications within the chemical processing industry. In particular, Teflon coating is the first choice when a barrier coating is required. With its proven chemical resistance combined with heat resistance, many of questions asked by engineers, Teflon coatings can provide the answers. 

    Teflon PFA is ideally suited to be applied to various equipment, such as: 

    • Mixing Tanks
    • Impellers
    • Pumps
    • Laundry Driers
    • Copier / Print rollers
    • Biomedical equipment 

    Teflon PFA has also a key benefit for engineers, the coating is food contact compliant. This means that many pharmaceutical and food processing companies have found many uses for Teflon industrial coatings 

    However, the high performance of Teflon PFA coatings lies with its ability to provide smooth non-wetting hydrophobic surfaces that resist biofilm build-up and can be used with the strongest cleaning solutions. Teflon industrial coatings are easy to clean, and because they resist build-up of process materials, it may be possible to extend intervals between cleaning operations. 

    PTFE Applied Coatings is a licensed applicator to Chemours and as a LIA, this enables customers to benefit from the wealth of technical support provided by Chemours, thus ensuring the customer receives only the best service. Such back-up and support from a product and application perspective, guarantees only the right product is selected to meet the demands of the design criteria. 

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