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  • 25th January 2017

    PTFE Coating – Teflon / Xylan – High Performance Solutions

     PTFE Coating – Teflon / Xylan – High Performance Solutions 

    Teflon and Xylan coatings, the brand names of which form the backdrop to a range industrial coating designed to provide high performance solutions within the industrial market. Such a market that demands the best from Teflon and Xylan coatings is the aerospace, both for civil and defence applications. 

    PTFE Applied Coatings retain a portfolio of industrial coatings that offer the perfect answer for aircraft components that require a performance from low friction to chemical resistance. Military and Civil aviation equipment have benefitted from the characteristics that are provided by Teflon and Xylan coatings. 

    The demanding industry sector that is spearheaded by the military aircraft and equipment manufacturers, has for many years gained advantages through: 

    • High temperature coatings
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Accurate torque loadings on fasteners
    • Low friction
    • Chemical resistance 

    Precision components have built their reputation upon reliability and with Teflon and Xylan coatings the full performance from the product can be taken advantage of. Together with the range of high performance substrates such as Inconel, which is part of the austenitic nickel-chromium based super alloys, and Maraging Steel, that is a steel alloy, containing up to 25 per cent nickel and other alloys. All of these high performance metals can be coated to enhance the overall performance of the finished component. 

    Wherever there is a need to solve engineering problems and improve performance, Teflon and Xylan coatings are in a strong position to meet stringent criteria. Many organisations have gained advantages for the application of industrial coating, these include: 

    • Government establishments
    • Hospitals
    • Chemical plants
    • Oil refineries
    • Aircraft manufacturers
    • Scientific laboratories 

    When customer’s applications are as diverse as pharmaceutical through to telecommunications, products are enhanced by the application of Teflon and Xylan coatings ensuring that their products are driving the market. 

    Strong reputations are built by means of product quality and performance, such are the credentials within the range of industrial coatings, supported by an applicator with the experience and “know-how” to deliver the complete service demanded by high performance industries. Together with many years of experience, PTFE Applied Coatings, along with the certified Quality Management System, offers the customer the full technical support via its accreditation and licenses from Chemours and Whitford Ltd. 

    Focused on customer requirements, Teflon and Xylan coatings play an integral role from the initial design phase of piece parts or assemblies. Each of which will receive the advantages afforded by the formulations of the coatings giving cost effective solutions. 

    PTFE Applied Coatings are helping customers to develop a solution by listening and interpreting their needs. Our technical knowledge can assist design and application engineers to create robust and cost effective solutions to ensure that all expectations are secured. 

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