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  • 27th August 2018

    Surface Preparation

    PTFE Applied Coatings have several differing pieces of equipment and grades of blast media at its disposal to ensure the correct surface preparation is available for the needs of each customer when applying the appropriate Teflon or Xylan coatings.

    Surface preparation, prior to the application of fluoropolymer coatings, can be and is seen as a “Cinderella” operation. However, nothing could be more different. Surface preparation is the cornerstone of the whole coating process and performs the primary and most fundamental role, that of bonding the coating to the substrate.

    Surface preparation, most commonly known as Grit Blasting is a process by which abrasive particles are impacted upon a component’s surface to clean or modify its surface profile. A range of blasting mediums are available, ranging from soft products such as Walnut Shell, to harder products, such as crushed Thermoset Plastics. The most popular blast media is Aluminium Oxide, this product is available in a range of particle sizes along with the associated compressed air systems to provide the energy to create the required surface profile.

    The use of blasting equipment and the correct selection of the blast media is most important and is paramount in relationship to the Teflon or Xylan coating system required. The required surface roughness is stated with the coating product data sheet and therefore the appropriate blast media (grit size) is very important.

    The process of surface preparation does require compliance with health and safety, environmental and other regulations, and work instruction for all operators involved in the blasting process is to ensure not only that the process is carried out in a safe manner, but also ensures the customer’s requirements are achieved. The operator carrying out the process has a responsibility to ensure that all equipment is in a safe and useable condition and that all pressure lines are checked regularly.

    PTFE Applied Coatings is fully aware of the by-products of the surface preparation process, and that is the dust that is crated. This can be harmful to the operator and detrimental to the applied coating system. Every effort is made to ensure that the operator has sufficient PPE to provide a level of protection within the work environment. PTFE Applied Coatings has a number of pieces of equipment to capture this by-product and to ensure the safe disposal as required.

    Another factor to be considered is the level of static that is generated by the blasting process, this is mitigated by means of appropriate earthing straps and materials within the equipment to dissipate the static from the process.

    Such precautions not only assist the operator but provide a safe working environment that continues to ensure the quality of the Teflon and Xylan coatings range offered.

    PTFE Applied Coatings will be pleased to discuss any aspect this process, should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.



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