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  • 14th February 2018

    Teflon Coated Heat Sealing Devices

    The benefits of surface coatings, in particular with the application of Teflon coating, is recognised as the optimum to achieve performance and productivity. Many heat sealing devices, such as continuous band sealers, bag sealers, auto and hand sealing equipment, will have their performance enhanced by the application of a Teflon coating system. 

    Teflon coating systems can be designed to suit most applications and with the experience of PTFE Applied Coatings to guide you to secure the most suitable Teflon coating, ensuring that designers, engineers and service teams are benefiting from the best high performance of Teflon coating for each application. 

    The range of products that require a secure seal can range from food products, such as dried fruits, teas, coffee pouches and cereal packs. Through to electrical components, laboratory packaging and high profile documents that require a high integrity seal for commercial and educational security. 

    Sealing technologies around the world rely on the performance of Teflon to meet the demands to ensure the strength of the heat seal is strong enough to withstand the rigours of handling and shipping. Optimizing the heat sealing process and consistently producing packages with the appropriate seal strength is of critical importance because it can have a direct impact on product efficacy and in some cases patient safety. The bond and seal strength of the heat seal packaging process depends on several factors, these include:

    • Sealing dwell time, the time the heating elements of a packaging process clamps, plates and bars
    • The primary heat seal factors of time, temperature and pressure
    • The pressure at which the equipment brings together and holds the two materials together to form the seal.

    Other factors can play a part to obtaining a secure seal, such as:

    • Variation of platen temperature – hot and cold spots
    • Non-uniformed heat transfer due to uneven contact or pressure caused by warped or misaligned platen
    • Material thickness or variation

    Characteristics of the seal and even the test method used to measure the seal strength, together with the Teflon coating, are greatly enhanced ensuring that the product retained meets the required standards required by the manufacturer and the customer. 

    The range of packaged commodities that benefit from the Teflon coated heat sealing technologies are broad and diverse:

    • Personal Care Products

    • Animal Feeds

    • Personal Protective Equipment

    • Agricultural Products

    • Food Ingredients

    • Electrical Components

    • Processed Foods

      The application and the integrity of the Teflon coating to the heat sealing devices relies upon the appropriate level of product pre-treatment and the required level of surface preparation. Together with the chosen Teflon coating system, the packaging industries will be well equipped to meet the most stringent requirements industry demands.


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