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  • 8th February 2017

    Teflon® Coating – Benefits of Teflon® Coating

    Teflon® Coating – Benefits of Teflon® Coating 

    Teflon is a substance that has a number of properties designed for industrial applications. However, Teflon is probably better known for its non-stick properties originally designed in the early sixties for cookware. Since those early days, Chemours have taken the opportunity to formulate a range of coatings specifically aimed at the industrial market. Teflon coating have the ability to be applied to various substrates that include Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium, as well as the more exotic metals such as Inconel and Magnesium. Together with non-metallic substrates, Teflon coating is a product that has many applications for industry. 

    Some of the beneficial properties of Teflon include:

    • Low Coefficient of friction, Teflon has one of the lowest coefficient of friction of known solid materials

    • Non-stock, by far the best release coating

    • Heat resistance, Teflon coatings have the ability to operate continuously at 260°C

    • Electrical, Teflon offer a high dielectric strength

    • Non-wetting, Teflon coatings repels both oils and water

    • Chemical resistance, Teflon coatings are resistant to most chemicals

    • Cryogenic stability, Teflon coatings have the ability to withstand temperatures as low as -270°C 

      Teflon is the brand owned and supported by Chemours (formally Du Pont) and is commonly associated with the term PTFE. There are several types of Teflon coating, each having specific attributes targeting specific uses, and are more often referred to as performance coatings. 

      PTFE Applied Coatings have been involved with high performance Teflon coatings for nearly forty years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. Such technologies have provided many organisations, such as large corporations and universities, together with industrial market leaders. Today’s engineers are seeking a competitive advantage and have turned to Teflon coatings to provide such lead in both research and development and production. 

      Teflon coatings have been formulated with current and future legislation in mind, together with compliance to world regulatory agencies, giving the assurance of products that have been rigorously analysed, tested and certified for use with all major industries from pharmaceutical, automotive to food production. 

      Chemours have recognised the importance in the application procedures and expertise required to apply the range of Teflon coatings and have established their Licensed Applicator Program (LIA). Such a program identified PTFE Applied Coatings as having the required skills and expertise and PTFE Applied Coatings have been part of this program for many years, demonstrating the required abilities to obtain and maintain the high standards demanded by the Chemours LIA program. Drawing on our years of experience, PTFE Applied Coatings are able to offer an extensive range of Teflon coatings, together with the knowledge and experience, we are able to discuss and guide customers to the optimum selection of the appropriate coating for each set of requirement. 

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