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  • 18th December 2013

    Teflon Coating of Ion Exchange Vessels

    Teflon PFA coating by Chemours has been selected for use on the internal surfaces of Ion Exchange pressure vessels used as part of a design for the removal of dissolved ionic compounds from water or other liquids using ionic resins.

    Teflon coating is applied for its chemical resistance performance and being a more cost effective option, in place of the more expensive exotic substrates, such as Hastelloy. As part of the application process, internal surfaces of pipework can be coated, providing complete surface protection.

    The Ion Exchange vessels have a working volume of 500 litres at a working pressure of 6.5 bar, although having been tested at 9 bar, with a working temperature between 5 and 95 degrees C.

    Teflon PFA coating has the stability and the required characteristics to perform well under many extreme conditions.

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