Wear Resistant Coating

Wear resistant coatings provide a cost effective measure to minimise the ability of two mating parts gradually wearing away by abrasion or friction. Many industries overcome this issue by the application of PTFE coatings designed for this very purpose. Designers within the fields of Oil and Gas, Automotive, Pumps and Valves have taken the opportunity to benefit from the advantages provided by wear resistant coatings. 

Many innovative engineering organisations have resolved issues of wear by means of such coatings that are also tough and have a degree of impact resistance. Wear resistant coatings can be applied to a range of components, from highly complex parts with various tolerances to more straightforward parts such as bolts. The coatings can be applied to discreet areas of a component offering minimum impact to the part, but offering maximum benefit to the life of the component. 

Parts can be evaluated for their wear resistance by bench testing under operating conditions relevant to the duration and cycles. This gives the designer the opportunity to fully evaluate the ability of the coatings and simulate the process of wear. It is also most important to understand the factors causing the wear and is a priority for engineers to select the correct wear resistant coating. Therefore, PTFE Applied Coatings, with our knowledge and experience, would welcome the opportunity to discuss with customers the conditions that arise from the causes of wear, this can be from fretting to abrasion. Wear resistant coatings are designed to resolve the complex subject of wear within many industries.