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  • 3rd October 2018

    Better Food Processing with Teflon

    PTFE Applied Coatings service is assisting food producers to fight problems with plugging, corrosion and sticking food during processing. Components that have a Teflon coating can help to cut equipment and maintenance costs, increase uptime, increase throughput and safeguard product purity. An additional advantage is that, the same equipment can make a wider range of food products. Easier cleaning reduces the frequency, amount and severity of cleaning chemicals used in the processing facilities – this is an added benefit to the environment. Reduced downtime due to cleaning has shown to improve plant productivity by 15% - 20%. 

    The confidence placed upon the performance of Teflon coated components is demonstrated by its ability to be chemically resistant, coupled with the exceptional purity of Teflon fluoropolymers, this ensures food processing equipment running smoothly and more profitably. 

    As an alternative to stainless steel, exotic alloys and many other polymers, Teflon coatings deliver more value and performance for food processors. Applications include linings for metallic vessels, piping, and valves. Pump seals and gaskets can also benefit from Teflon coating. 

    Foods don’t react with Teflon, so there is no chemical interactions of corrosion to compromise taste or quality of the product. The near universal chemical resistance of Teflon is a key reason for its broad use in fluid handling components and associated equipment. Teflon does not absorb dilute solutions of benzoic acid and other food preservatives, which can be a problem with handling preservatives with silicone rubber and PVC tubing. 

    Teflon adds essentially nothing to foods and takes nothing away. With extremely low extractables and reactivity plus high purity, Teflon meets a wide range of regulatory requirements. Unlike some other polymers, Teflon contains no additives to compromise the flavour or contaminate the processed food product. 

    Grades of Teflon™ PTFE granular resins and fine powder resins and Teflon™ FEP may be used in food contact applications in compliance with the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Regulation 21 CFR 177.1550. Teflon™ PFA 440 HP and 450 HP also comply. The U.S. Department of Agriculture accepts grades of Teflon™ that comply with this FDA regulation as components of materials in direct contact with meat or poultry food products prepared under Federal inspection. 

    Take the opportunity to discuss your requirements with us and see how Teflon can improve your productivity.


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