Coating Quality Management

PTFE Applied Coatings operate a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The company has developed a management strategy and policies that sustain and promote continual improvement for both the needs of the company and the needs of our customers. The documented system includes procedures for working processes and specific technical instructions, some of which are customer specific and are available for project based contracts. Such documents have been designed to enable PTFE Applied Coatings to carry out the management of the quality system at all levels of customer requirements.

The management system ensures that the resources and information required to monitor and support the effective operation and controls for all processes are available and that the processes will be analysed for continual improvement. Should a customer’s contractual requirements exceed or differ significantly from the level of control offered by our management system, then a specific technical instruction will be prepared. Any additional instruction shall define the necessary activities to ensure that contractual requirements are met. Thus securing the integrity of all PTFE coatings supplied.

The commitment of PTFE Applied Coatings to the management system will be demonstrated by means of development, implementation and continual improvement with the setting of meaningful objectives as part of the management review process.

Throughout the management system there exists the documented and defined philosophy to ensure a focus upon all in-house processes and the needs of all our customers.