Coating Service

PTFE Applied Coatings, from both locations, has the ability to offer a custom coating service from the discrete requirements to the volume sectors of industry within most engineering disciplines. Within the company, skills and expertise have been developed over the years to accommodate most problems and solve surface technology issues. PTFE Applied Coatings offers fine limit PTFE coatings for use in precision engineering to enhance products by the functionality of the selected industrial coating and to a degree enhance the aesthetics of a product, although it must be stressed that the coatings that are designed not to be cosmetic.

Our service has been developed with the ultimate aim to provide answers to customer demands, we are here to help and add value to the customer’s product.

Our experience during the past thirty years has enabled PTFE Applied Coatings to meet and exceed the demands of customers. Unique technical and working process documents can be raised to accommodate project based contracts.

 PTFE Applied Coatings operates a two shift working system at the Worthing site to maximise the opportunity for shorter lead times, most coatings are offered on a seven to ten working day turn round. A large range of materials are held in stock, such a range will cover the majority of requirements, however, due to our close working links with raw material suppliers, any requirements for non-stock materials are readily available for delivery.

Philosophy and Policy

  • PTFE Applied Coatings listens to customers’ to determine their requirements.
  • PTFE Applied Coatings encourage customers to become partners, thus producing benefits for both parties.
  • PTFE Applied Coatings will always be available to assist designers and engineers at the design stage or post design.
  • PTFE Applied Coatings is the professional choice for you industry for PTFE custom coatings.
  • PTFE Applied Coatings has the answers to you PTFE coating and other related coating requirements, complimented by the technical support of both Chemours and Whitford Ltd.
  • To discuss any coating requirements, please contact