Scientific - PTFE Teflon Xylan Coating

The sciences play a major role in the future of all that we do and even in this specialised area of technology PTFE coatings are having an impact. Within the field of cryogenics that require precise and stable results, some of the recent improved PTFE coatings are able to sustain the required product quality, particularly when dealing with materials such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. PTFE coatings provide superior barrier coatings that can be used in Dewar flasks, meeting the demands and the extremes of the technology. With so many new sciences and technologies being developed for the future, the scope for PTFE coatings can only grow and provide benefits in so many areas.

science and ptfe coatingsPTFE coatings are preferred when extended service is required in hostile scientific environments involving chemicals, thermal and mechanical stress. PTFE coatings can offer high melt strength, stability at high processing temperatures, excellent crack and stress resistance and low coefficient of friction.

Many of today's pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities must be flexible to produce multiple products while meeting both traditional and growing needs for product purity, durability, low maintenance costs, as well as the importance of cleanliness

To meet these demands, engineers are turning to components and vessels coated with Teflon® fluoropolymers. Traditional stainless steel and glass no longer deliver the best results.

Examples of Scientific Applications:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Centrifuges
  • Dewars
  • Soil Temperature Sensors
  • Research Equipment
  • Ambient Gas Analysers
  • Hydrology and Rainfall Sensors