Electrical - PTFE Teflon Xylan Coating

Conductivity and insulation, as well as abrasion resistance, is high on the agenda of PTFE coatings, giving protection to a large range of electrical, such as, connectors and instrument control devices. Portable electrical equipment is another candidate for uses of PTFE coating systems, particularly within the consumer product ranges, such as mixers, iron sole plates and many other domestic appliances.

ptfe electrical applicationsTypical uses for PTFE and Teflon® coatings would be for use in the production of light fittings, temperature gauges, as well as personal care products, PTFE coatings are easy to clean and are stain and abrasion resistant, and for products require additional requirements, PTFE coatings are decorative and UV resistant.

Examples of Electrical Applications:
Soldering Equipment
Portable Electrical Equipment
Domestic Appliances
Light Fittings
Security Equipment


Dielectric constant at 10³

DIN 53483


2,0 - 2,1

Dielectric constant at 1,00 E



2,0 - 2,1

Dissipation factor at 10³

DIN 53483

1,00 E-4

0,3 - 0,5

Dielectric constant at 1,00 E



0,7 - 1,0

Volume resistivity

DIN 53482


1,00 E18

Surface resistance

DIN 53482


1,00 E17





Tracking resistance

DIN 53480



Arc resistance

ASTM 495



Dielectric strength

DIN 53481


40 – 80