Teflon Coating

Teflon coatings are manufactured providing a range of industrial coatings and are available in both liquids and powders. Teflon coating is a versatile product that is appreciated by many companies around the world for almost unlimited applications. Whether the requirement is for unique a configuration or a variety of geometric shapes, Teflon® coating will always add value to a product, far beyond the inherent non-stick qualities. 

PTFE Applied Coatings is a market leader in delivering innovative Teflon® coating solutions for a range of advanced technologies. For over three decades customers have looked to PTFE Applied Coatings for development, planning and application of fluoropolymer coatings to critical components. 

Teflon® coating is applied in a similar fashion to paint, however, when cured at the required temperature the coating becomes a tough and inert positive addition to the customer’s product. Teflon® coating technology has an extended family of coatings, providing the ideal combination of performance properties that meets most of today’s design needs. By combining heat resistance with almost total chemical resistance, excellent dielectric stability and a low coefficient of friction, Teflon® coatings offer the right balance of properties unbeatable by any other material. Chemours, the originator of Teflon®, together with the expertise of PTFE Applied Coatings, can provide the resources to help customers solve engineering demands. 

Within our team of coating specialists, combined with our positive quality control systems throughout our facility, this enables customers to have the peace of mind that the most precise and consistent coatings are achieved, where compromise is not an option. 

Our leadership and technical capabilities as an industrial applicator of Teflon® coatings, have benefited many organisations to develop products and maintain a competitive edge for critical devices and components demanded by industry.