PTFE Coated Elastomers and Rubbers

Rubber is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer, sometimes known as latex. However, technologies have brought many types of rubber both thermosets and thermoplastics, such as, EPDM(Ethylene propylene diene monomer), ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), NBR(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber).

PTFE coatings have for many years been synonymous with metallic substrates, however, advances with polymers have permitted the inclusion of elastomers and rubbers to be coated. Such coatings are designed to take into consideration the cure schedule for non-metallic substrates.

PTFE Applied Coatings have gained experience with the application of low cure materials to flexible substrates. Many of the benefits enjoyed with existing technologies can now be employed to flexible substrates, such as;

    Outstanding release properties
    Low friction
    Improved weathering and chemical resistance
    Noise reduction
    Abrasion resistance

The Xylan® range of materials produced by Whitford Ltd have a range of materials that are available to suit most needs, giving performance enhancements for glass-run, weatherstrip and appearance applications.

The automotive business sector has employed these materials with great success, particularly on door sealing and window openings. Engineered O Rings and Heat Exchanger Gaskets, as well as engineered Seals are other products that can benefit from the application of a PTFE coating.

Thickness of the coating is one important factor of the application when dealing with complex shapes and sections, coupled with the accuracy of the curing process of the PTFE coating when dealing with temperature sensitive substrates.

Should you wish to know more information about PTFE coating of flexible surfaces, please contact us, we will be please d to discuss your requirements.