PTFE Applied Coatings History

PTFE Applied Coatings was formed in 1981 by engineers with a detailed knowledge of PTFE coatings and the experience of the selection and application of the range of PFTE coatings. The potential within the precision engineering disciplines for PTFE coatings upon engineered parts was recognised, particularly with some of the new materials available and their uses. In particular, the terminology of Teflon® came to the attention of most engineers and has become a recognisable signature for PTFE coatings. PTFE Applied Coatings continues to work closely with the leading manufacturers of fluoropolymer products, such as Teflon® and Xylan®, and have been influential in some of the formulations of new materials. As a result of the collaboration between PTFE Applied Coatings and the market leaders in the field of PTFE coatings, PTFE Applied Coatings have developed a service to industry both in the UK and the global markets.

The experience and skills gained over the years have enabled PTFE Applied Coatings to develop working relationships with many large and disciplined organisations providing a service to mainstream engineers as well as bespoke designers. It is with this detail in mind that the information contained within this site will enable your company to benefit from the wealth of experience of PTFE coatings gained by PTFE Applied Coatings to add value to your product and gain an advantage over your competitors.

PTFE Applied Coatings was involved early in the development cycle and formed a coating service for the application of PTFE and provides support to the engineering industry. Consequently, we have the level of understanding required to offer the optimum in application guidance for our customers, guiding them to the right selection of grade of material for their needs while working within the constraints of customers’ commercial requirements.