Release Coating

Release coatings are ideal for moulding and where release is of paramount importance, industries that benefit include foot-ware, paper and textiles for dryers. The range of release coatings, such as PTFE, PFA and FEP, all offer excellent high performances to enhance product release. Release coating technology continues to develop new products, maximising the opportunity for solutions to many problems and producing a durable surface for the best release properties. Longer lasting release coatings coupled with enhanced abrasion resistance combines into a high performance, cost effective solution.  

Release coatings play a significant role with the maintenance of equipment and tooling, where process deposits impact upon the efficiency of production tooling and it is for this reason the modern release coatings play there part in cost reduction. Other advantages of release coatings can be enhanced when formulations are reinforced with ingredients such as Mica, ceramics and other reinforcing agents. 

The technology of release coatings offer solutions to manufacturing problems for many different products, therefore, product selection has improved due to the demands of industry to find solutions to release issue. Release agents used are highly effective and provide a balance between durability and release for the appropriate application. Added value comes with consistency of products and enhanced production.  

Manufacturers have not forgotten the environment in the pursuit of solving problems, more and more, release coatings are water based to comply with regulation, without having to sacrifice production run rates. Coatings are free of volatile compounds, ozone-depleting chemicals and chlorofluorocarbons.