Other - PTFE Teflon Xylan Coating

There are many areas where PTFE can and has found an application from the textile industry through to consumer products. Where ever there is a mating part or a need for non-stick application, low friction or compliant requirements, PTFE can offer a solution.

Chemours works closely with the designers and engineers in the appliance and tool industries.  As one of the world’s largest science companies, they have also developed many well-known products, such as Zytel®, Kevlar® and Teflon®.

Chemours invented a majority of the refrigerant products on the market today. They continue to lead with the broadest range of environmentally acceptable and effective alternatives for new and existing equipment.

The Semiconductor business sector uses PTFE coatings as an insulator in the production of discrete components such as capacitors and in the chip manufacturing process.