Non-stick surfaces are surfaces engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it. A non-stick coating may be applied to a substrate to produce such a surface. The most common application of non-stick coatings are known for cookware applications. However, Chemours and Whitford Ltd have engineered coating systems that are particularly adaptable for use in industry and until recently PTFE coatings have been dominated by the trade name of Teflon®.

Non-stick coating systems often require special treatments for the substrate, this may be by means of blasting the surface with an abrasive, or by just degreasing the substrate surface. Non-stick coatings are also associated with the phrase “dry lubricant”. Many coating systems are formulated by means of ingredients that permit the PTFE coating to be abrasion resistant, although it must be remembered that with all surface coatings, care must be taken to prolong the life of the non-stick coating.

Non-stick coating systems are formulated in different ways and this could result in non-stick coatings ranging from a single coat system to multi coat systems, comprising of three different layers of coating material. All adding to a final homogenized fully cured system fit for the most demanding applications required by design engineers.