PTFE Coatings: Pharmaceutical Applications

For many years PTFE Applied Coatings have provided a PTFE coating service to companies involved within the pharmaceutical industry, such product areas range from sampling probes, soft gel equipment, powder mills and tablet & capsule packaging equipment. These areas of technology have benefited from one of the PTFE coatings that are available.

Working with pharmaceutical companies has provided PTFE Applied Coatings with the opportunity to develop techniques and with the support of raw material suppliers, to offer a level of service compliant to industry standards. Many coatings used in this business sector are compliant to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which is the worlds leading consumer protection agency and the most respected.

There are many processes that require particular answers to some very interesting problems, whether the requirement is for release properties or for chemical protection, most of these questions can be answered with a single PTFE coating system or by a high deposition (PFA) coating system, affording the benefits of chemical resistance. The nature of the pharmaceutical business sector demands a higher profile and that is why many companies look to PTFE Applied Coatings and our services to meet their expectations.

Packaging has become highly sophisticated in both techniques and materials, none more so than the process of RF (Radio Frequency) welding. New packing processes require PTFE coatings to solve some of the design issues and production demands for performance service life and yields.

PTFE coatings provide a barrier coating to ensure that product does not come into contact with the base substrate, particularly when formulating powders for pharmaceutical applications, materials such as high molecular weight PFA is an ideal candidate for this purpose, but there are others that have a FDA compliance statement.