Coated Products

Products coated with fluoropolymers (PTFE) are as varied as the coatings themselves. Coatings sytems generally fall with the following categories: One Coat Systems and Multi Coat Systems, two or more individual layers that make up a coating system. Therefore, there is not a "one size fits all" system. The range of products that can be coated is very diverse, such substrates include stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminium alloys all of these can be in wrought or cast forms. Non-metallic subtrates can also be coated, such as rubbers and elastors, glass and other rigid polymers. Non-metallic substrates do require lower process temperatures.

Products that are suited for coating include:

Automotive parts

Chemical Processing Equipment

Food Processing and Industrial Bakeware

Packaging Equipment

Pharmaceutical appliances

Textile and Papre handling equipment