Whitford Xylan Problem Solving

Xylan® coatings manufactured by Whitford Ltd have been solving coating problems for customers since their formation in 1969. Many of the faults with coatings are not directly linked to the coating material, but to the process of application and on this page we will try to explain some of the issues surrounding coating problems. It is with this in mind that an explanation to some of these application faults can be found on the attached chart: 

Whitford PTFE Problem Solving Chart, click here to view. 

Coating problems are avoidable and the chart goes some way to provide an answer to the issues. There are so many variables in applying coatings that can lead to failure and the purpose of this chart is not to cast blame, but to explain what can go wrong and how to put it right. The chart illustrates what the problem looks like, what may have been the probable cause and finally what are the suggested solutions.

It is encumbered upon the applicator to take all necessary precautions when preparing substrates, preparing coatings and applying PTFE coatings. One of the main constituent practices that must be observed is the adherence to the manufacturers’ product data sheet, such information is vital to the success of the applied coating system. PTFE Applied Coatings are able to guide and assist customers that have experienced problems with applied PTFE coatings and in turn to find a solution.