PTFE Coatings - Off-shore Installations and Marine Environments

With the demands placed upon precision engineered parts by the marine environment, there needs to be an equal response to the problems of environmental corrosion and chemical corrosion. That is why there is a range of PTFE coatings to provide answers to these demanding situations.

PTFE Marine EnvironmentFasteners, valves and mechanical connectors benefit from the performance coatings that are now available to match this demanding business sector. PTFE coatings offer the benefits of corrosion protection, precise torque loading, anti-galling and with the added benefits of some systems offering colours as identifiers and to improve visibility.

Where ever the marine industry faces such severe conditions that demand’s the best performance, the range of protective coatings within the fluoropolymer performance coatings can meet the challenges.

PTFE Marine EquipmentDry film lubricants on wear surfaces can provide low coefficient of friction (0.04-1.00). With the addition of bonding resins, excellent abrasion resistance is achieved. Low friction coatings are designed to reduce make-up and break-out torque levels, even after prolonged exposure to corrosive conditions.

Dry film lubricants are also formulated with PTFE and MoS2 for high-pressure and low speed applications. The formulations of dry film lubricants also make the provision for extreme pressures of up to 10,500 kg/cm². Some formulations have the ability to operate in excess of 200°C.

PTFE WindfarmRenewable energy is high on the agenda to meet the growing demands for electricity, whether such equipment is onshore or offshore, PTFE coatings can play their part in bringing solutions to this growing industry.

The systems formulated within the range of PTFE performance coatings, assist designers and engineers make the provision for the difficult and demanding applications within the off-shore business.

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