PTFE Coatings Rollers

PTFE coatings used on rollers of various sizes provides for solutions to engineering applications, particularly those applications that non-stick, wear resistance, low friction and chemical resistance. PTFE coating systems can be varied to adapt to most requirements and can be influenced by specific methods of processing that have been developed over many years at PTFE Applied Coatings. 

PTFE coatings are some of the most influential contributors to the paper industry and the use of Teflon® coating has contributed to being one of the leading brands in this field. Many issues cause significant problems for the paper handling industry and the application of a PTFE coating can enhance the performance of rollers.    

Problems experienced within the industry relate to rollers having high operating temperatures, with this in mind, products such as FEP and PFA are the materials of choice, giving thermal stability and the required surface finish. The accumulation of surface contamination by adhesives and unwanted levels of inks can lead to the deterioration of performance of the roller. Not forgetting that, any coating applied can be removed and re-applied to ensure the cost effectiveness of the cost of the roller.

Benefits of PTFE coatings are:

  • Excellent anti-adhesive properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Nearly universal chemical resistance
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Good wear resistance
  • Adjustable thermal conductivity
  • Adjustable electrical/dielectric conductivity

Types of rollers benefitting from PTFE coatings are:

  • Feed rollers
  • Fuser rollers
  • Pressure rollers
  • Guide rollers

One of the most common uses of PTFE coatings is for the range of photocopier rollers, particularly for Fuser rollers and Pressure rollers. The application of PTFE coatings provide and excellent solution to the build of toner inks, giving the non-stick surface required. PFA coating is used extensively for Pressure rollers to maximise the numbers of copies within the service life of the roller. Some modern PTFE coatings can also be applied to provide grip and traction when required. All coatings can be removed and re-applied. PTFE coating including both PFA and FEP coatings are applied as a system upon a surface specifically prepared to ensure full bonding of the coating to the roller surface. This method of application does inhibit the “creep” experienced by heat shrink liners or sleeves.

Modern PTFE coating systems are designed to increase service life whilst improving thermal conductivity, this is achieved by formulations, designed to maximise the use of fillers and resins.

Consumer food outlets have been quick to take advantage of the new generation of PTFE coatings, applied to food preparation machinery. Many roller grills, such as for the heating of hot dogs, provide the operator the excellence of non-stick coating and for the ease of cleaning. With the growth of convenience stores providing a fast food service, the exceptional properties of PTFE coating coupled with food contact compliance, makes the logical choice for a PTFE coating.

PTFE coatings for rollers remain the most cost effective approach to the varying challenges set by design engineers. Thanks to the exceptional properties of the range of fluoropolymers and the development of PTFE coatings, which include fillers and resins, all have contributed to making PTFE coatings perfectly suited for use as a special material for a wide range of design specific applications. PTFE coatings offer a longer service life, higher reliability coupled with improved functionality for some of the more challenging markets.