Liquid Coatings

PTFE coatings are applied by means of the spray method and this creates a uniform coating that has the ability to follow the geometry of the component. However, the coating will not cover or disguise surface imperfections. The benefits of the PTFE liquid coating is that difficult areas, such as bores and cavities can be accessed by the process. With our knowledge and capabilities developed over many years the diversity of products that can have PTFE coatings applied to are many and varied.

Despite the thin layer of PTFE coating applied, the performance of the coating permits the designer to gain maximum advantage form the coating, without any degradation of the geometric dimensions.

PTFE coating in the liquid form is commonly known as dispersions, for the very reason, that the solids, that include PTFE particles, are suspended and dispersed within a liquid carrier. These carriers can be primarily water or solvent based, and manufacturers continue to strive to wherever possible to remove as many solvents as possible. Such coatings are retained within proprietary recyclable containers, most of which are five or twenty kilo drums. Handling of materials upon receipt is key and based upon good housekeeping, the materials are stored in areas not affected by extremes in temperature and controlled by our company procedures.

Having been stored and before use, the materials are either rolled or stirred to ensure the ingredients within the container are returned to the dispersed condition after having been stored for any period of time. Care is taken with some products so as not to drive ingredients together, which can affect the viscosity of the material.