Electrical Conductive Coatings

Conductive coating is produced by special techniques to be used an anti-static polymer that resides within the family of powder formulations and with the prevailing demands of industry achieves outstanding conductive properties. The product is black in colour and is applied by the electro-static method, allowing for flow and ease of application. The formulation delivers such additives as Mica, pigments or fillers, thus providing for a robust coating that makes it suitable for uses associated with paint release, office automation and chemical process industries. It must be noted that this coating is not suitable for food contact applications. 

The conductive coating manufactured by Chemours™ has a small particle size of +/-20 microns, achieving good coating integrity and is of a standard molecular weight. This powder coating has a curing temperature of between 330°C and 380°C, has a maximum in-service temperature of 260°C and is applied over the associated primer coat. The resins employed in this product offer a unique combination of properties to enhance products, particularly under extreme ambient conditions where most other polymers would fail.