About PTFE Applied Coatings PTFE Teflon Xylan coating

PTFE Applied Coatings is based in Worthing, West Sussex, close to the primary road and motorway network. The company operates a two shift system which allows for flexibility and an extended working day to service the customer’s delivery requirements. The company has a range of processing techniques and equipment at its disposal to cater for the precision coated components industry. The QMS system provides for the full traceability of all purchased raw materials and Customer’s supplied materials and/or components to be managed and controlled in an efficient manner.

We remain actively associated with the world’s leading material manufacturers and are proud to be part of a small group of select companies awarded licenses and approvals by them. PTFE Applied Coatings continues to develop and has the ability to support all future engineering and industrial business sectors and existing customers.

PTFE coatings are designed to suit many different applications and it is with this in mind that we at PTFE Applied Coatings are in a very strong position to offer the best solution for each and every customer’s requirements. Fluoropolymer coatings is a generic term for PTFE coating that also incorporates PFA and FEP coatings, as well as ETFE and ECTFE, such terms are explained in the Glossary of Terms. As a result of nearly thirty years experience of PTFE coatings, we at PTFE Applied Coatings have built a reputation for precision coatings, coupled with a strong technical support from the major product manufacturers. We apply the Teflon ® range of products from Chemours and the Xylan ® range of products from
Whitford Ltd.

Working with customers to understand their needs is high on our priority and provides the best opportunity to achieve the best solution for each different application. Our service is formulated to provide you with the very best choice of coating system that will add value to your product and assist you in your business growth by focussing our attention to your requirements, thus giving your product a competitive advantage.

Technologies that benefit from fluoropolymer coatings are varied and range from electrical and mechanical devices for industrial and marine applications to food processing and packaging, as well as chemical and scientific based products. Our PTFE Coating Product Selection Guide provides more information.

Engineering in all its forms continues to change and develop, this also applies to fluoropolymer coatings, new products are being developed and even reformulated to meet the ever changing requirements of the modern world.

PTFE coatings can provide the solution to many engineering questions particularly those relating to non-stick (release), low friction, chemical resistance and wear resistance, there are many other solutions that can be resolved by the application of PTFE coatings. Our aim is to develop a full working relationship with all our customers to enable a comprehensive understanding of your product application.