Food & Bakeware - PTFE Teflon Xylan Coating


There are many applications relating to food processing and handling, ranging from in-line hoppers for bread making equipment, through to confectionary related product turn-key plant. All of these areas demand high levels of product release and the application of a PTFE coating can provide the required levels of performance to enhance yields and product quality. With the move to healthier living, equipment used to produce vitamins and supplements show clear advantages when process equipment is coated with PTFE. Process equipment dealing with food related products, in particular moulds for both food consumables and packaging benefit from PTFE coatings.

teflon coating food processing machineryPackaging within the food industry has many demands, none so demanding than that of the sealing of food products, this process requires both integrity of the product and the form of the packaging. PTFE coating are well suited for both requirements and systems available permit the engineer to select an appropriate PTFE coating system for the unique product. Food packaging is based upon sound production techniques, that is why when required tooling can be removed from the line and the old coating removed and a new PTFE coating applied, enabling the tooling to minimise costs. Any such removal of PTFE coating will have no impact upon the geometry of the engineered tooling.

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PTFE coatings have found ways to fight problems with plugging, corrosion, and sticking during food processing. Components coated with PTFE can help cut equipment maintenance costs, increase uptime, increase throughput, and safeguard product purity. They also allow use of the same equipment to make a wider range of food products. Easy cleaning reduces the frequency, amount, and severity of cleaning chemicals used in processing facilities - a benefit to the environment. Reduced downtime for cleaning can potentially improve plant productivity by 15-25%!
You can rely on the non-stick performance, chemical inertness, and exceptional purity of fluoropolymers, such as Teflon® and Xylan® to keep your food processing equipment running smoothly ... and more profitably.

Where there is a requirement for coating within food processing and handling, then food compliance statements can be offered.

Examples of Bakeware/Food Processing Applications:

Flat Pans
Bread Tins
Light Fittings

Dough Blades

Mixing Blades
Food Utensils
Waffle Irons
Bread Makers 3
Coffee Plates
Sandwich Makers

Food Processing Equipment
Food Handling Equipment
Confectionary Equipment
Portable Electrical Equipment
Domestic Appliances