PTFE Coating Consultancy Service

PTFE coating technology, which includes products such as Teflon® and Xylan®, continues to be enhanced by both Chemours™ and Whitford Ltd™ respectively. At PTFE Applied Coatings we understand that not all engineers are aware of the full benefits of the fluoropolymer range of coating, it is with this knowledge that we are in a position to guide customers, both at the design stages or during production, to maximise the attributes of PTFE coatings.

Having accumulated many years of experience, we are in a strong position to provide support and assistance for new projects and existing products, with the sole ambition to gain the most from the performance characteristics of a well-designed PTFE coating system. In conjunction with the appropriate contractual agreements, information can be communicated to and shared with engineers at all levels, to enable all participants to take advantage of the depth of information available from PTFE Applied Coatings. Working in conjunction with the resources at Chemours™ and Whitford Ltd™, technical instructions and procedure can be documented and shared with all participants. Developing a positive working relationship with designers and engineers is a primary objective for PTFE Applied Coatings, to ensure customers receive the most cost effective service.

Trials and sampling arrangements can be in place to accurately demonstrate the performance and practicalities of the selected coating system. Opportunities can be taken to “fine-tune” the process to enable customers to be satisfied that the process selected meets the optimum criteria. Small production batches can be coated to fully evaluate the process prior to the full production stages and accompanied by documented test results giving the opportunity for scrutiny and evaluation. A documented audit trail can be provided for all processes and materials, supported by our internal QMS.

Post design services for projects can be made available to ensure the ultimate performance is being achieved from the process and the coating. Any such reports required resulting from a further review, will be communicated and presented to customers for analysis.