PTFE Coatings: Food Processing

The food processing industry has benefited from PTFE coatings in many ways, from food compliant coatings to increases in equipment performance. Food contact PTFE coatings, compliant to FDA requirements are at the leading edge of this business sector, with the collaboration of the raw material manufacturers provide a formidable array of solutions for the industries demanding questions.

PTFE Applied Coatings have for many years supported customer’s requirements both in production and with the packaging, single coat Teflon® products offer high performance solutions within this market. However, there are many solutions to many questions.

Complete manufacturing systems have a number of particular features with parts coated with a PTFE product, these can range from mixers, moulders to heat sealing devices. Some of the benefits for production equipment range from the high release coatings giving reduce down time for cleaning to product changeover.

Some processes are more severe than others and with this in mind more aggressive process equipment can be coated with Excalibur®, a licensed process from Whitford Ltd Ltd, this multi layer coating system offers an outstanding wear resistant coating with the added release properties.

Many of the ingredients of the modern era are increasingly prepared by chemists and food technologists and as a result continue to challenge the performance criteria of the PTFE coating systems. Such is the wide range of products in use in today’s food recipes, every care is taken to select the most suitable coating system for the customer.