Xylan® is a trademark of Whitford Ltd, a manufacture of fluoropolymer coatings. Xylan® is made of low friction, wear resistant composites of fluoropolymers and reinforcing binder resins. Xylan® coatings can be one-, two- (primer and top-coat), and three- (primer, mid-coat, top-coat) coat conventional and reinforced (filled) coating systems. The fluoropolymers utilized in Xylan® coatings consist of PTFE, PFA, and FEP. Some of the properties listed within these pages may not apply to all Xylan® coatings, as the fluoropolymer and resin content and type can have significant effects on each property.

There are many reasons for selecting a Xylan® coating for products. High performance engineered parts demand a high performance coating, and although different applications require their own unique solution, Xylan® coatings have a range of abilities to meet the most rigorous criteria. Therefore, there are many Xylan® coatings tailored to meet specific engineering challenges, whether the challenge comes from the environment, chemicals or heavy loads.

Alongside the range of engineered performance coatings manufactured by Whitford Ltd, there is a range of coatings for flexible substrates called Resilon® which are water based products.  These flexible finishes are easily applied to a variety of substrates, including EPDM, NBR, PVC, ASA, acrylics, ABS and polyester. Such systems are employed to resist weathering and some chemicals. Other benefits are achieved in combining primer systems or other pre-treatment options. Many major automotive manufacturers of the world now specify at least one of these highly versatile flexible finishes.